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in a world of chaos, stay toasty

We are a lifelong committed autism acceptance initiative bringing new technology experiences to autistic children. While developing our land in multiple metaverses, we will create a community of good-hearted people who want the world to change.

What is the purpose of autism acceptance?

Advocacy and support; increased understanding of people with autism; and advancing research into causes and better interventions for those on the autism spectrum.


MADTOAST.WORLD is artist-driven NFT collection of 555 total MADTOAST that are attached to utility projects & money making opportunities in NFT Worlds & The Sandbox, on the Ethereum blockchain. MADTOAST Holders will be capable of throwing parties, art-based events, exclusive access to The MADTOAST HOUSE, bi-monthly raffle air-drops from the collective artist, weekly music-based events & more. 


What does all that mean? As a holder of MADTOAST, you will be able to host & participate at events that make you money in The Sandbox & NFT Worlds.

55 ALL ACCESS "OG" Mad Toast NFTs



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Project Toastmap

Welcome to the MADTOAST.WORLD. An exclusive "members only" music & arts experience available to “Bread Winners,” also known as, our MAD TOAST NFT holders. ONLY holders of MAD TOAST have accessibility & the ability to host they’re own paid MAD experiences in The Sandbox & NFT Worlds. NFT Worlds (early access available for holders) for concerts, art galleries, holder events, meetups & more (Q3 of 2022).


"The First 555" Collection
Summer of 2022

Upon the launch of our new website, we will be minting 555 Mad Toasts (in color) directly from the site to have access to our NFT Worlds Plot "Mad Toast World" & our home inside The Sandbox (188, -8). In addition to building an entire metaverse (NFT Worlds) & land and home in The Sandbox, Mad Toast World has acquired a techno stage, the ability to record music, and utilities to rent out (for free as a holder) to explore The Sandbox (dragons, skateboards, wolves & more). NO WHITELIST, FIRST COME FIRST SERVE.

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